Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Digits! Rocked Rockville, Saturday 3/14

Was is it the weather? The change in seasons? Day light savings? What was it that brought SO many people to the Rockville Austin Grill Saturday night???

I think it was because The Digits! were playing again - first time since September 6, 2008! And indeed, fans came out in large numbers. One estimate (by Austin Grill management) said there were well over 300 attending the show.

The Digits! played from 9 pm to 1 am, 3 sets, 34 songs, and showcased 7 local guest singers. The guest were Meaghan Tarquinio, Naomi Miner, Angela Silverman, Richard Tolbert, Sue Harris Philips, Alan Weis, and Rusty Stewart. Thank you all!

Austin Grill told me that because of The Digits! show and the hard charging fans of The Digit! Nation, their Saturday night was 43% better (in $s) than the average Saturday night. By far it was their best night of the year, and maybe since the last time we played there!

Do you think they might want to have us back???

We are working on additional dates around Rockville and might like to to do another gig back at the Woodley Gardens pool as well as other Rockville area venues.

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  1. What a GREAT time! Thanks for a fun evening and I hope we can make it to another show soon!

    P.S. Thanks for removing the pic! :)